Detective Chief superintendent David Cook (left) was allegedly under surveillance by News of the World during an investigation into the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan (right)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

#Leveson :Daniel Morgan Murder -Wife of detective who led Welsh private investigator Daniel Morgan murder probe gives evidence at Leveson Inquiry.

The wife of the detective who led the final inquiry into Daniel Morgan’s murder has told the Leveson inquiry about being targeted by the News of the World.

Detective Dave Cook led the 2002 review of the 1987 murder of the private eye from Cwmbran yet found himself under close surveillance by the now closed Sunday tabloid.
An email was sent to Crimewatch falsely suggesting presenter Jacqui Hames was having an affair with the police officer.

And last year it was revealed Cook and Hames had been spied on by the defunct tabloid.

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At the time of the surveillance News International’s Rebekah Brooks told Met PR boss, Dick Fedorcio, Hames and Cook were under surveillance because they were having an affair.

Hames said: “I cannot think of one reason why that would be in any shape or form a valid reason to be us under surveillance.

“We had been together for 11 years, we were a well known couple, it wouldn’t have taken much to completely refute the allegation.”

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