Detective Chief superintendent David Cook (left) was allegedly under surveillance by News of the World during an investigation into the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan (right)

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Rupert #Murdoch Is He Blackmailing David Cameron Over The McCann Cover - Up ? Why Was David Cameron 'pressured into new Madeleine McCann inquiry by News International' ? AND Why Is So Much Money Being Thrown The McCann's Way ?

The Prime Minister came under pressure from News International to set up the new inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, according to this evening’s BBC Panorama programme - ‘Madeleine: The Last Hope?’

David Cameron pressured into new Madeleine review, claims Panorama
In 2011 The Sun printed an open letter on their front page from The McCanns to David Cameron, appealing to him as a parent to agree to a review Photo: PA

The Home Office has declined to explain why they chose to look again at the unsolved case above any other but a source at Number 10 has said that David Cameron “acted as a sympathetic parent.”
In 2011 The Sun printed an open letter on their front page from The McCanns to Mr Cameron, appealing to him as a parent to agree to a review.
But tonight Panorama will claim there was also much more going on behind the scenes to try to influence the Prime Minister.

Downing Street sources have revealed to the programme that influence was being exerted on Number 10 by News International and by The Sun newspaper, as well as by the McCanns.

Within 24 hours of the front page appeal Mr Cameron announced a review could be paid for out of a contingency fund run by the Home Office, reserved for special cases.
The review is already understood to have cost £2 million

Murdoch's Sky News Censored McCann agreeing to a reconstruction to re-open the case.The stench of corruption goes right to the very top of Government and Rupert Murdoch along with Scotland Yard are ALL part of that stench!

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The MET leaked details of the Daniel Morgan murder to NotW And briefing's were held against Lord Blair

The extraordinary allegations are contained in a suppressed police-intelligence report which outlines allegations that a senior Met manager set out to cripple his own Commissioner. It will lead to renewed scrutiny of the entangled relationship between the Metropolitan Police and Rupert Murdoch's News International.

Lord Blair, whose tenure as Britain's top police officer between 2005 and 2008 was dogged by a long-running newspaper campaign questioning his competence, has demanded to know why he was kept in the dark about the existence of the report. He saw the internal intelligence document – written in 2006 by an officer serving on the Yard's original phone-hacking inquiry – for the first time only earlier this year.

Lord Blair has now submitted the file to the Yard's Operation Weeting – the ongoing investigation into the hacking scandal – with a series of searching questions about why he was not told about it when he was in office and what action was taken to investigate the leaks.

The Independent can reveal that the report contains incendiary claims that the Met's eight-strong management board was "compromised" – effectively no longer secure – with intelligence details from a reopened murder investigation being passed out of the Yard along with material reflecting a civil war inside the Met's upper echelons about the way it was being run. The Met last night confirmed the existence of the intelligence report. Written by a detective inside the Met's original phone-hacking inquiry, it states that a member of the management board – comprising the Yard's most senior personnel – was briefing against Lord Blair's performance and informing outsiders about key Met cases.

The report also claims that Lord Stevens, Lord Blair's predecessor, had a close relationship with a senior executive from the News of the World who is named in the report.

Following his retirement in February 2005, Lord Stevens was signed up to write a column for the NOTW which was ghost-written by the paper's former deputy editor Neil Wallis. The Times and the NOTW also serialised his biography. Police watchdogs last week heavily criticised senior Yard officers for the hiring of Mr Wallis as a PR adviser in 2009, saying the force had exhibited "poor judgement" in employing the tabloid executive.

The management board of the Met has recently been the subject of examination by the Leveson Inquiry. Among its key figures was Dick Fedorcio, the head of the Yard's directorate of public affairs who resigned from his post last month when it became clear he would face gross-misconduct charges over the decision to employ Mr Wallis in 2009.

Mr Fedorcio last night denied that he had played any part in the leaking of information, saying: "I have no knowledge of this." And Mr Fedorcio recently told Lord Justice Leveson, "I don't believe I have ever briefed against Lord Blair."

The former Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick told the Leveson Inquiry that negative briefing against Lord Blair had intensified in the run-up to his being chosen as Lord Stevens' successor. Mr Paddick revealed there had been media speculation as to how Mr Fedorcio could continue in his role as the Met's media boss when "he had briefed so heavily against Lord Blair before his appointment as Commissioner".

The Met last night said that the report did exist but was not being investigated by Operation Weeting. In a statement, the Yard said: "The intelligence report dates from several years ago. It did not identify an individual as the source of information allegedly being disclosed from the MPS management board and it did not warrant further action at that time. This remains the case and it is not being investigated by Operation Weeting."

Intelligence reports are a key part of police investigations, providing the building blocks for evidence in criminal inquiries as well as providing officers with vital background on individuals of interest to police. Their use is tightly controlled and each report is graded according to the reliability of its source and contents as well as who can have access to it.

The document provided to Lord Blair – which is likely to have been classified as highly sensitive and restricted to a small number of officers – also focuses on links between Lord Stevens and a senior NOTW executive, and describes a close relationship between the two. The report suggests the two became close when Lord Stevens was the Yard's Deputy Commissioner between 1998 and 2000.

The document was drawn up at the time that the Yard had undertaken a fresh investigation into the south London murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan, whose 1987 killing remains one of the Met's most troubling unsolved cases.

The commissionership of Lord Blair was one of the most turbulent in the history of the Yard, coinciding with the 7/7 bombings and the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes by armed police in Stockwell, south London.

Lord Blair recently told the Leveson Inquiry that he believed the way he was consistently criticised as Commissioner – for being too liberal and too close to the Labour government and their policing policies – resulted from "political forces and the press" combining to deliver "a monstering" that lasted throughout his entire term of office. He told the inquiry: "I can think of no equivalent long-term treatment of a public servant in this manner."

He also told Lord Justice Leveson that when he was Commissioner the number of leaks to the media increased and, though he had never suspected senior colleagues of passing information to journalists for money, he believed there was "a desire to advance their own views in the public mind or to improve their own profile".

The Oxford-educated officer was pilloried by a number of newspapers, in particular by News International titles. In an editorial published in June 2006, the NOTW called for Lord Blair's resignation after the Stockwell shooting, saying he had "lost the dressing room" and the "top tier at the Yard are in despair". It added: "We share Lord Stevens' view that police cannot engage in politically correct pussyfooting when lives are at risk."

Late in his commissionership, Lord Blair was told that both his official and private mobile telephone numbers had been found in the notebook of the private investigator Glenn Mulcaire.

Operation Weeting told Lord Blair last year that it believed these numbers had been obtained by Mulcaire in 2006 – the same year when intelligence was being gathered about the Yard's internecine strife. Lord Blair said he had yet to be shown evidence that his telephone had been hacked.

The relationship between Lord Stevens and Mr Wallis was detailed by the former tabloid executive during his evidence to the Leveson Inquiry earlier this month. Mr Wallis, who disclosed that he had advised Lord Stevens to present himself as a "thief taker" in his successful application to become head of the Met, said the former Commissioner had conducted a successful relationship with the media that contrasted with the "cerebral" Lord Blair, who, he said, had not been interested in the views of the tabloid press.

When Lord Stevens began his column for the NOTW, entitled "The Chief", Lord Blair made clear his displeasure. The column continued until October 2007. Mr Wallis said: "On a number of occasions [Lord Blair] was heard to comment on the fact that he could not understand how a column could be headlined 'The Chief' when it was factually incorrect as he himself was now the Metropolitan Police chief." Lord Stevens did not respond to a request to comment on the allegations in the intelligence report.

Lord Blair said he had no comment to make on the matter.
The Labour MP Chris Bryant, who helped to expose the phone-hacking scandal, said: "These are extraordinary revelations. As every new strand of this story appears it seems ever clearer that the Murdoch newspaper empire behaved like a state within a state." News International declined to comment.

Lord Blair: technocrat or pioneer?
When Ian Blair moved into the Commissioner's suite on the eighth floor of New Scotland Yard on 1 January 2005, the differences between the Oxford-educated policeman and his predecessor soon became clear.

To the public and indeed much of his force, John Stevens had succeeded in building up a reputation as a man of action with a common touch. His nickname, "Swifty", was a reference to his impressive arrest rate as a detective and he was regularly called the "coppers' cop".

By contrast, Lord Blair was perceived to be a distant technocrat obsessed with political correctness, who was eager to side with the then-Labour government. In reality, he was a pioneer in areas such as increasing ethnic minorities in the Met – but it was easy for his critics to contrast him with Lord Stevens and label him as "New Labour's cop".

Events did little to reduce the perception that Lord Blair's Yard was prone to avoidable – and horrific – mishaps. The shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes and the revelation of the failures that led to the tragedy in July 2005 dented morale in the force and led to accusations that the man at the top was a divisive figure.

Ironically for a man panned as politically correct, he was accused in 2008 by the Met's highest-ranking Asian officer, Tarique Ghaffur, of racism and discrimination. This was strongly denied, but Mr Ghaffur left the force with a £300,000 out-of-court settlement.

Lord Blair resigned in October 2008 after London mayor Boris Johnson made it clear the Yard needed "new leadership". He was made a life peer in May 2010.


The Metropolitan Police: a force divided
January 2005
Lord Blair, formerly Deputy Commissioner to Lord Stevens, becomes head of the Metropolitan Police. He is criticised for being too close to the Labour government. Lord Stevens later writes a column for the News of the World.

December 2005
The Yard begins investigating a complaint from Buckingham Palace that details about the private life of Prince William are appearing in the NOTW. Officers establish royal aides' voicemail messages are being listened to by private investigator Glenn Mulcaire and the paper's royal editor, Clive Goodman.

Spring 2006
A detective sergeant on the hacking investigation, later criticised for its failure to tackle the full extent of the scandal, writes an internal report stating that the Yard's management board is "compromised" and material damaging to the reputation of the force and its leader is being leaked.

June 2006
The Crown Prosecution Service says it will not press charges against Kate Moss for alleged cocaine use after an investigation ordered by Lord Blair. It was later alleged the inquiry foundered because of an internal Met campaign to erode the Commissioner's authority.

January 2007
Glenn Mulcaire and Clive Goodman are jailed for phone hacking.

August 2008
Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur accuses Lord Blair of discrimination and threatens to take the Yard to an employment tribunal.

October 2008
Lord Blair announces his resignation after London Mayor Boris Johnson withdraws his support

Scotland Yard today faces claims of a secret campaign from inside the highest ranks of the force to oust the former Commissioner Ian Blair – a civil war that pitted senior colleagues against one another and undermined its leadership during one of the most tumultuous periods in its history.

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#Leveson Inquiry : #RayAdams - Download The E.Mails.

Download the emails Former policeman and one-time European head of NDS Operational Security Ray Adams. Photo: Panorama / BBC
The Financial Review has published thousands of emails from an archive of 14,400 emails held by former Metropolitan Police commander Ray Adams who was European chief for Operational Security from 1996 to 2002.

The AFR initially published the emails on March 28. On March 29, the AFR published approximately 700 additional emails because they will add another dimension to reports the newspaper has carried over the past two days.

Download a sample of the emails published on March 29

Download a sample of the emails published on March 28


#Leveson: #THOIC #RayAdams - More on Ray Adams and His Control of THOIC

Following on from my earlier post about Ray Adams and the hacking group THOIC Something Awful forum member Nation has come up with yet another very interesting email where Ray Adams discusses THOIC.....please go to Brown Moses Blog for details

#Leveson : #RayAdams - #THOIC - Hairymonster and Spying on the THOIC Community

Brown Moses Blog and some excellent investigative work.

I came across a rather interesting post on the Digital Spy Forum's discussion of hackgate by forum member FR15K, aka Hairymonster
I have remained silent on this topic up until now, I feel I have a unique perspective on this as I was the person 'HairyMonster' aka 'FR15K' who along with several others pretty much spread the message about Lee G back in 2001. I have seen first hand the emails and various other documents/evidence that the BBC has back in 2001 (Which have not been tampered with as Mr Peled has suggested) and at the time hoped something would come of it. Sadly there were more pressing things happening back then which had more of a right to be newsworthy.

I was rightly prosecuted for running a hacking advisory website of my own back in 2008 by Virgin Media and ironicly NDS who were the main expert witnesses in the case. I do not seek in any way shape or form to undermine the charges which in my opinion were fair and the correct outcome for Virgin Media. However I am pretty much disgusted that I raised this issue during police interviews and was ready to show evidence only to be told that they had spoken to NDS who had pretty much assured them it was all rubbish. Typical eh? more at Brown Moses

#Leveson :#SkyNews Expense Claims - Please Don't Use "Fraud" or "Bribe"

Brown Moses Blog find  -may be of great importance.

I've come across this image while trawling the internet

Just in case you can't read it:
It has been brought to my attention that people have been using the words "bribe" or "fraud" when submitting their expense claims.
Whilst, in most cases, this has arisen because people are covering fraud or bribery cases, please can everybody refrain from using these words in future.
Sky doesn't tolerate the use of bribery or fraud in the workplace and has to investigate each case. We will be contacting the people concerned. 

For further updates please visit Brown Moses Blog

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#Leveson Inquiry : #Freemason's The Secret Destroyers.

#Leveson Inquiry : Bent Judges And Magistrates - The Corruption That NEVER Goes Away

#Leveson Inquiry: Bent Cops - The Corruption That NEVER Goes Away !

#Leveson : #RayAdams And #Hacker #TRON Looking More Like Murder Than Suicide ?

Sean Hoare And TRON - Murdoch's dead hackers.

#leveson #newsint Why was NDS's Ray Adams interested in having news about hacker Tr0n's 'suicide' translated? #ondigital

A letter from NDS was found in the hackers belongings after his death...

The following year, in 1998, NDS went looking for more smart card expertise and contacted brilliant German hacker Boris Floricic. Known as “Tron” in the computer underground, Floricic had gained a reputation for cracking pay-TV systems.
A few weeks later, in October of 1998, Floricic was found dead, hanging from a tree in a Berlin park. The death was ruled a suicide by authorities — a ruling many hackers reject.
There has never been any assertion that NDS was somehow involved in the death. But the fact that Floricic’s father found a letter from NDS in his son’s belongings indicated the company’s willingness to consult the computer underground for security expertise. The incident also shocked the hacker community, which wondered if computer curiosity could now have deadly consequences.


The Adams email. It's long and not easy to read but you have to wonder why he wanted The Spiegel article translated

RFC Headers:
Return-Path: <>
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Received: from ([]) by (Post.Office MTA v3.5.2 release 221 ID# 127-55240U2500L250S0V35) with SMTP id com for <>; Tue, 10 Nov 1998 15:37:39 +0100
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Received: from ( []) by (8.6.12/8.6.12) with ESMTP id OAA26555 for <>; Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:41:00 GMT
Received: by with Internet Mail Service (5.5.2232.9) id ; Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:37:13 -0000
Message-ID: <>
From: "Adams, Ray" <>
To: "Marc" <>
Subject: RE:
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 1998 14:37:04 -0000
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2232.9)
Content-Type: text/plain;

From: Adams, Ray <>
To: Marc
Date: 11/11/1998 1:37:04 AM
Subject: RE:

It is impossible to read and make any real sense. In many places it is
just a jumble of words. However, Knowing the background story I can make
some sense of it.


-----Original Message-----
From: Marc [mailto:]
Sent: 10 November 1998 20:00

hi mate
please fin enclosed the translated text from spiegel
i did not make any changes so you tell me how it reads
it comes from a universal translation programm
some grammar is a bit fucked up but i think its quite ok
let me know what you think!
if you want you can correct it and i will post it to the internet
that other people will have it.

Mined terrain

Criminals and spies are interested in the elite of that
Computer-freaks: A data-juggler died under
mysterious circumstances, another had to defeat BND Avancen.

The boy named himself " Tron ", and with researchers like him/it
had to
one itself around the technology-location Germany no one
Worries do. About his/its scientific curiosity to
gratifies, he/it obtained himself/itself one once even during
the night
complete telephone booth, because he/it at the data in the
stomach the
Box wanted to reach. Morning at five o'clock, Tron carted that
Little houses per Mietlaster back and screwed together it again


Only once, the hacker became caught ­ as he/it with a buddy
a public telephone with the suggestion-hammer processes
wanted. He/it explained the confused police officer that he/it
the chip
need because the Telekom has altered the software.

The judge didn't let that are regarded as apology and
covered end 1995 one year of custody on probation. Articles over

the case did the German hacker-elite of the chaos
Computers club (CCC) on the offspring-strength aware. Tron
chopped in the club, up to his/its end, henceforth.

At the 22. Octobers against 16 o'clock found persons out for a
walk in one
Park Britz-Süd a dead person at the Berlin subway station. Boris
alias Tron hung at a tree, the feet still on the ground:
He/it must himself/itself, the own belt about the neck, with all
has thrown forward.

The case first looked unequivocally for the capital-police:
Suicide, presumably on the day before. There are no tracks from

Strangely-effect, such an official. The friends of the hacker
questions a suicide however. Too many signs speak
according to her/its/their opinion against it.

Actually, Tron, 26, moved on mined terrain. That
youthful data-warlocks are as umkämpfts as after him/it today
World War II those men, who knew, like one rockets
into the universe or on other people's capital shoots:
Secret services like the Federal-news-service try her/it/them
, to lure. And also criminal-syndicates are interested for
her/its/their knowledge. A mixture-situation, in which even
Conspiracy-theories plausibly seems.

Hacker Tron was regarded as energy-loaded and live-glad, neither

financial still private worries was known. In the summer had
he/it a brilliant diploma-work at the technical
College delivered. Despite previous conviction, a job waved in

His/its mother, with whom he/it lived in the district of Rudow,
always knew,
where he/it was to be found. To the father, who removes 20 car
lived, he/it kept in touch.

At the 17. Octobers against two o'clock in the afternoon left
the house he/it
with the words: " I geh' shortly out ". he/it wanted a letter
throws in. Since not he/it his/its Notebook, like usual, in the
carried, the mother expected a quick return. As the son
didn't appear in the evening still, she/it alerted the police.

Friends of the CCC, who learned about Trons disappearance,
registered startled that the hacker not even the telephone calls

on his/its Handy accepted. As found the corpse
became, the postmortem yielded that still he/it four days after
Vanishes had lived.

" Even if the clues prevail for a suicide,
let's determine felonies " under the superscript, says
Kriminalhauptkommissar Klaus Ruckschnat, 41, boss of the third
Murder-commission, whose seven co-workers the case

For the searcher is certain that Tron itself " with someone
has met. We don't know however, with whom ". the additional
Orientation of the Handy-Anrufe yielded that he/it itself in the
has detained. On the basis of the circumstances, CCC-Sprecher
Andy Müller-Maguhn, we cannot believe " in suicide.

Because with his/its ability, cards at the kitchen table to
Tron romped about in a millionenschweren black
Market. As first hacker, he/it succeeded with it, a telephone
card to
copies. Late klonte he/it Handy-Karten and the chip-card of that

d-box, that digitales Bezahlfernsehen on hundreds from
Canals enabled. Because in series phony cards
Profit margins like the drug-trade promise, interests
itself the organized crime sincerely for that

1996, an international trio flew up, that 20 000 telephone-cards

in the face value of 50 marks in the package to 1,8 million
marks offered.
The highlight: The cards loaded themselves, shortly before
course, automatically
again on.

In Berlin, the business of the illegal Phone-Shops blooms, in
those foreigners with phony cards for 20 marks per half
Hour with the loves at home can chat. The Telekom
sum the annual damage on a " two-digit
Millionenhöhe ", without against the misuse many organizes to

The business with TV-decoders like the d-box promises, still
, to become more profitable. Phony cards for the Pay-TV cost
20 marks in the manufacture, becomes for 400 marks however

Tron tüftelte in another disruptive area. As
Diploma-work, " the realization of an encoding-technology,
for data in the ISDN-B-Kanal ", he/it developed an appliance,
complete ISDN-Kommunikation more favorably than previous codes

The topic encoding interests in view of that
multimedia future also secret services. Like gladly that
Services itself at the hacker-scene along-crawls, already proved

ten years ago the case Karl Koch. The cocaine-addicted and
psychically delicate computer-freak from Hanover, that on
Expeditions through the data networks supposedly until at
over laser-technology of the SDI-Projekts had advanced,
delivered passwords and programs of officers, space travel - and

Arms-companies at the KGB. In June 1989, a farmer found in the
Forest with Gifhorn Kochs corpse ­ apparently suicide.

Also the Federal-news-service (BND) recruits in the meantime
Computer-kids at. First beginning of this year kontaktierte one

Man, that itself as representatives of the Oldenburger
Padec GmbH spent, a Berlin student.

They met in the Berlin hotel at the zoo and pulled further then
a bar. For an investor, he/it needs information over
Data networks in Iran, the alleged economic-advisor explained.
The hacker showed interest.

Meticulously, he/it worked off a job-list, that him/it that
Padec-Vertreter on stationery of the management consulting firm

had given: Which Provider offer her/its/their services in Iran?

Which role does the mail-ministry play in Teheran? Who
drive the Iranian ground-station for the Satellitenzugang to the

kuweitischen Provider?

The hacker handed over the results of the finger-practice to the
April and got 2000 marks against receipt. The next job
followed promptly, this time it walked St. around the " region
here insb. Universities ".

The recruitment of hackers was for the BND with it long as to
risky. The badly controllable freaks could at them/her/it
Goes public. On the other hand, lack prevails at
Specialists, about " the diverse possibilities of that,
Communication in the ,Internet '", BND-Vermerk, to use.

On May 1, the man came from Oldenburg also to the matter then.
A co-worker of the BND has mentioned him/it, he/it told
the student. That remembers the offer so: One is at
hot Hacks interested. Whether he/it itself into Iranian
einloggen and information could obtain over secret
Arms-programs of the mullahs, above all
Holocaust-arms? The service at the fatherland, according to
Padec-Mann, is paid well and is risk-free. One
Prosecuting attorney guarantees that the chops remains with

The student requested himself/itself time to consider and looked
for advice with the CCC.
The legendary data-fogeys, that understand itself as scouts,
is known for her/its/their skepticism opposite services,
industry and

The freak had the BND known after it that he/it at further
Jobs is not interested. The secret asked for a last
Meetings, to clarify " about " misunderstandings. the student
in company of CCC-Sprecher Müller-Maguhn, that him/it
Pullacher wanted to ask, from Anwerbeversuchen future
, to foresee. However nobody appeared. Also vanished in July
the Padec Ltd. the partners had the dissolution

Also hacker Tron was approached from companies, however
never from the BND. The talent was allowed to secret service
agents known
has nevertheless been. On congresses, where with pride he/it
from bold
Hacks told, also listened French and
Dutch snoops.

About money, it was the subversive Hobby-Elektroniker
however not. He/it had had enough, if he/it with people, that
with him/it
Fix-trade rich had become, once an expensive Workstation
was allowed to use.

Investigators now have crate-manner computer-material from Trons

Do carpentry guaranteed. The hope on hints could deceive:
A friend says the hacker was " a master in codifying. That
crack no police officer ".


#Leveson Inquiry : #RayAdams And His Super Secretive Slush Fund.

Nation on the Something Awful forums has come across some more interesting emails from Ray Adams' stolen emails where he discusses payments being made, and has spotted a very interesting email among more