Detective Chief superintendent David Cook (left) was allegedly under surveillance by News of the World during an investigation into the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan (right)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

#Leveson :Daniel Morgan murder: Memorial stone marks 25th anniversary

The memorial to Daniel Morgan Daniel Morgan's memorial stone has been placed at Glasbury church in Powys

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A memorial to the murdered private detective Daniel Morgan has been placed in a Powys church yard to mark the 25th anniversary of his death.
Mr Morgan, 37, originally from Llanfrechfa, near Cwmbran, was found with an axe in his head in a south London pub car park in 1987.
His grave is in London, but his elderly mother wanted a memorial closer to her home in Hay-on-Wye.
The murder has been investigated five times, but no-one has been convicted.
Mr Morgan's mother Isobel Hulsmann, 84, and her daughter Jane Royds, who lives in Glasbury, near Hay-on-Wye, have placed the memorial stone in Glasbury church yard.
"They will put a few flowers on the memorial on Saturday," said Mr Morgan's brother Alastair, who lives in London.
"They wanted somewhere close to hand in memory of Daniel, and put up the memorial a few days ago to mark the 25th anniversary of his death.
"My mother's 84 now and travelling to and from London takes its toll."
A judicial inquiry has not been ruled out into Mr Morgan's murder.
Last month, UK Policing Minister Nick Herbert said Home Secretary Theresa May was still considering whether to order one, but other investigations might be more appropriate.
Until his death, Mr Morgan worked with Jonathan Rees at Southern Investigations.
Mr Rees was one of five men accused of murdering Mr Morgan in 2008, but after almost two years of legal wrangling, the trial collapsed in March 2010 when "supergrass" evidence was deemed to be unreliable.
Daniel Morgan Daniel Morgan was murdered in 1987 but no-one has ever been found guilty
The murder of Mr Morgan was raised at the Leveson inquiry into media standards and ethics last month in evidence from former Metropolitan Police detective and BBC Crimewatch presenter Jacqui Hames.
She told the inquiry that she and her husband, Det Chief Supt Dave Cook, were placed under surveillance by the News of the World after he appeared on Crimewatch seeking information about Mr Morgan's murder.
Ms Hames told the inquiry that Southern Investigations had "close links" to Alex Marunchak, the newspaper's crime editor in the late 1980s.
News International said last month it had "no comment" to make on Ms Hames's statement to the Leveson inquiry.
Meanwhile, MP Tom Watson has said he wants Daniel Morgan's death to be examined by the Leveson inquiry into media standards.