Detective Chief superintendent David Cook (left) was allegedly under surveillance by News of the World during an investigation into the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan (right)

Friday, April 6, 2012

#Leveson : #RayAdams - #THOIC - Hairymonster and Spying on the THOIC Community

Brown Moses Blog and some excellent investigative work.

I came across a rather interesting post on the Digital Spy Forum's discussion of hackgate by forum member FR15K, aka Hairymonster
I have remained silent on this topic up until now, I feel I have a unique perspective on this as I was the person 'HairyMonster' aka 'FR15K' who along with several others pretty much spread the message about Lee G back in 2001. I have seen first hand the emails and various other documents/evidence that the BBC has back in 2001 (Which have not been tampered with as Mr Peled has suggested) and at the time hoped something would come of it. Sadly there were more pressing things happening back then which had more of a right to be newsworthy.

I was rightly prosecuted for running a hacking advisory website of my own back in 2008 by Virgin Media and ironicly NDS who were the main expert witnesses in the case. I do not seek in any way shape or form to undermine the charges which in my opinion were fair and the correct outcome for Virgin Media. However I am pretty much disgusted that I raised this issue during police interviews and was ready to show evidence only to be told that they had spoken to NDS who had pretty much assured them it was all rubbish. Typical eh? more at Brown Moses