Detective Chief superintendent David Cook (left) was allegedly under surveillance by News of the World during an investigation into the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan (right)

Monday, August 15, 2011

#DanielMorgan:'Journalists have been stepping over Daniel’s body to look at behavioural aspects of Rupert Murdoch’s organisations'

15 August 2011

Last week the family of the victim of one of the UK's most notorious unsolved murders asked the Government for a public inquiry citing, among other things, new alleged links between corrupt police officers and journalists working for the News of the World.

Private detective Daniel Morgan was murdered with an axe in 1987. Despite five police investigations no-one has ever been brought to successfully prosecuted for this crime.

In March this year, Daniel Morgan's former business partner Jonathan Rees was one of three men acquitted of murdering him. Rees has worked extensively for national newspapers including the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and News of the World.

The Morgan family have said they want answers about a meeting which is alleged to have taken place between former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks and Scotland Yard in 2002.

During a Commons debate last month, MP Tom Watson said Brooks was told at that alleged meeting that "News of the World staff were guilty of interference and party to using unlawful means to attempt to discredit a police officer and his wife".

Watson said: "Rebekah Brooks was told of actions by people whom she paid to expose and discredit David Cook and his wife Jackie Haines, so that Mr Cook would be prevented from completing an investigation into a murder."

Press Gazette understand that the murder inquiry in question was that of Daniel Morgan.

This piece by Daniel's Brother Alastair was published in the May edition of Press Gazette magazine (before the latest Milly Dowler phone-hacking allegations) more