Detective Chief superintendent David Cook (left) was allegedly under surveillance by News of the World during an investigation into the murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan (right)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

#DanielMorgan: #Hacking #Paedophiles and Murderers..

The sordid tale of phone hacking by Murdoch, News of the World and News International is only the tip of a very large iceberg.

Prime Ministers, High Court Judges and top ranking Policeman have all been victims of phone hacking, since the 1980's.

Huge dossiers have been compiled on the most influential people in our society, but for why ?

Information is Power !

But, what information will have been gathered on these powerful people ?

What would the information have been used for ?

And who are the information gatherers ?
Rupert Murdoch bought the News of the World in 1969.

He bought up other newspapers and businesses and his UK empire grew quickly.

As did his influence in British politics.
In the late 70's and early 80's, Murdoch engaged serving Metropolitan policemen to do his spying and dirty work for him.

The moonlighting policemen even set up a company called Southern Investigations.
The directors of the private investigation firm were Johnathon Rees and Daniel Morgan.

In 1987, Daniel Morgan began investigating rumours that Metropolitan Police officers were engaged in drug running and paedophilia.

Morgan believed that the criminality was at the very top of the Metropolitan Police force.
Morgan was found with an axe in his head outside the Golden Lion pub in Sydenham.

Johnathon Rees was suspected of the murder, along with other serving Met officers.
The murder was investigated by a DS Sidney Fillery, amongst others.

The case failed due to either incompetence or corruption by the Met Police.

DS Fillery, later joined Southern Investigations as a business partner !
Johnathon Rees, with Sidney Fillery, continued their spying business.

And cashing Murdoch's cheques for 'dirty deeds done not dirt cheap'.

Rees even crowed that "no-one pays like the News of the World".
Andy Coulson enjoyed the fruits of Rees work when he became editor of the News of the World.

Rees was finally jailed for fraud and planting false evidence at a crime scene.

Ex-Met, Sidney Fillery was busted for child pornography but escaped jail and put on a 3 year probation.